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Divine Advice For Rush Limbaugh

Dear DA, I get the feeling that I’m dead, and that I’m probably in hell. There are Black people everywhere, and lesbians and they’re all such feminazis. Basically, the lesbians refuse to let me grope them. Also, no Fox News. Wtf? For supposedly old Testament types, you guys really are a bunch of liberal snowflakes. And on my desk every morning, there are reams of “research” about Anthropogenic Climate Change. It can’t possibly be true, but you guys are starting to brainwash me. If this “research” were real, there would be no way that any sane person could possibly deny it. Or is it just that no one is reading it? I know I didn’t. You have to admit, the shit is pretty boring. It lacks the visceral and emotional punch of Fox News. If I’m not enraged, it means someone isn’t doing their job. Also, didn’t I trade my…
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