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Divine Advice For Judy Mikovits

Dear Jesus and Satan, I’m considered by “many” to be one of the most accomplished scientists of my generation. Yes, I was arrested for stealing lab equipment, but it’s a much better story to say I was arrested for undermining our corrupt institutions by telling the truth about vaccines. And that truth, of course, is vaccines are made from donkey jizz and they cause autism and turn people into draculas and probably do a bunch of other bad stuff, too. Our own government (or the Chinese government or aliens or whoever makes the most compelling scapegoat) created this plandemic known as COVID-19 (or the China virus or the Kung Flu or whatever name stirs up the most controversy) as a way to control us and keep us from getting the life-saving haircuts we so desperately need. I’ve done the best I can to educate the world through Youtube videos and…
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