The Incredible Hulk Discusses Online Dating

Dating hard for Hulk. No time. Too busy with Hulk business. But lonely time at night, Hulk know Hulk need love. Need devote more time to find mate.

At first embarrassed to online date. Hulk no weirdo. But Hulk realize no other option.

Online dating numbers game. When Hulk first try, only message or like woman Hulk really think compatible. Now, swipe right, swipe right, swipe right, swipe right. Any free moment, swipe right. Barely bother look at picture.

Same with other site. Like message, like message, like message, like message. Giant fingers make process slow, child mind make message gibberish, but new approach already better.

Just last week, Nigeria lady try scam Hulk. Pretend to be doctor from NY on vacation. Ask money for ticket home. Maybe not true love, but at least get message.

For all flaw of online dating, still better than real life interaction.

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