The Incredible Hulk Discusses Public Service

Hulk eat dinner with Solomon Grundy other day. Solomon Grundy criticize Hulk for always complain and never contribute. Solomon Grundy say Hulk should run public office. Hulk explain mind of Hulk too undependable for hold consistent, effective policy. Solomon Grundy laugh and say “So what? Look president? Look half congress?” So Hulk run for mayor or senator whenever next election sooner. If see problem or way for improve Hulk policy, please help Hulk.

Hulk Policy #1—Slingshots for the Homeless
Hulk Policy #1 kill three bird one stone. Reduce pigeon, reduce rat, and feed homeless. Policy good for all because make homeless self sufficient. Also cheaper than exterminator.

Hulk Policy #2—Abandoned Building = Homeless Shelter.
Policy exactly what say. Abandoned building now legal homeless shelter. No rules, no change, just no more illegal. Better for homeless and cheaper easier for cop. Homeless no pay fines anyway.

Hulk Policy #3—$1.00 Bus/Subway Fare
Hulk have no idea how pull this off, figure out once in office.

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