The Incredible Hulk Discusses Gun Control

Hulk have problem human logic. Human thinking hard comprehend. But Hulk try. Hulk see like this. Big gun problem. Need fix problem. Most American want fix problem. But no fix problem. Make crazy excuse instead.

Excuse #1: If make law, maybe no fix all problem. Maybe cause some problem (imperfect law).

Law against murder no fix all murder. Law no perfect. But definitely fix some murder.

Excuse #2:

Gun law no help other country. This excuse cherry-pick lie. More relevant compare USA to Australia or England than Chad or Somalia.

Excuse #3: Gun violence no so bad when consider most suicide. Last Hulk check, shoot self with gun still gun violence. Shoot self by accident still gun violence. Dog shoot self still gun violence. Baby shoot man still gun violence. Again, cherry-pick lie. Research show gun most effective method suicide and preferred man method. Also show suicide less likely if no access to preferred method. And gun murder still high compare to other countries.  

Excuse #4: Most gun violence by handgun.

True. Death by handgun problem like death by assault rifle problem. Maybe try fix both problem instead neither.

Excuse #5: The Second Amendment.

Right bear arms no synonymous right to any arms and no update regulation.

Hulk fed up dumb excuse. Hulk fed up arrogant dupe still defend no new regulation. Dupe make all nothing proposition. No acknowledge shade distinction. Keep right bear arms. Stop lunatic want buy gun. Hulk amazed USA no can agree stop lunatic want gun. Now, no amazed. Just sad. Hulk sad.   

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