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Divine Advice For Kimberly Guilfoyle

Dear Divine Advice, I just gave a brilliant speech at CPAC but the only thing people are talking about is that sexy dance I did back in December at the Turning Point USA Convention. If nobody is going to take me seriously anyway, should I just become a stripper? Sure, my face looks like the Michael Myers mask from Halloween, but I do have a delicious booty. At least Don Jr. thinks so. Yours Truly, Kimberly Guilfoyle P.S. THE BEST. IS YET. TO COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.P.S. Sorry. That was just the cocaine kicking in. Dear Kim, After Kimmy Gibbler on Fuller House, you’re the second most annoying Kim in the world. That’s quite an accomplishment, considering there are still Kim Kardashian and Kim Jong-Un to contend with. For a second, I was wondering what sexy dancing had to do with those machines people strap to their faces when they have sleep…
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