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Divine Advice For Steven Spielberg

Dear Yahweh and Mastema, This is already awkward enough for a Jew, coming to you two for help, but I didn’t know where else to turn. I’m getting on in years. Frankly, I don’t even remember how old I am. But it doesn’t really matter. I’ve lived a long, happy, blessed life. Or so I thought. Supposedly I made a robot, a cross-dressing robot, and made it touch little kids? And I filmed it? And this robot, at least in the film, had the power to make children sexually assault each other? What the hell? I look into my heart and it tells me no way, but my damn memory! And the heart wants what the heart wants. Maybe I don’t want to remember. They also said something about zombie frogs and cruelty to animals? Please tell me I didn’t do this. But if I did do it, tell me,…
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