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Divine Advice For Allison Stokke

Dear DA, I’ve become the most powerful sampire of my kind, and I know this because women can tell. When you stare at our tits and asses, however covertly, we know it, and most of us like it, as long as it’s only for a few seconds and you’re decent-looking. Maybe it’s true that if men didn’t exist, women would still be living in the forest basket weaving, but if women didn’t exist, so would men. Why invent anything with no fine vagina around to impress? People invent stuff because they’re lazy, but that laziness goes both ways, and if there’s no ass involved, it’s easier to just sit in a cave staring at your foot. A sampire is like a vampire, except we feed on the phantom semen of millions of incels, MGTOWS, and regular old horny dudes everywhere. Girlfriends who put out help, but they aren’t enough. Not…
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