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Divine Advice For Gerrit Cole

Dear DA, Really this is more for Satan, but maybe Jesus can help me out, too. Who exactly is my boss? The NY Yankees just signed me for 9 years and $324 million. When I asked my former teammates who I should report to, they all told me to go to hell, so I’m assuming Satan is my boss, but I thought he worked for the Yankees, too. Wouldn’t that make him more of a coworker? And not to rub it in or anything, but I seem to remember the Yankees acquiring Satan for two 2nd round picks and a player to be named later, so why would I report to someone who isn’t fit to carry my jockstrap? (Again, no offense.) Maybe you’re the traveling secretary or something? I suppose it’s just another one of the bizarre ironies of a free market economy. I write poetry and take care…
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