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Food Review: Tide Pods

What the Fuck is wrong with the Youth of America? I mean seriously…these little fucktards and their God Damned Tide Pods. I mean what the fuck???? They’re eating Detergent. Jesus Fuck!!! Yes, JESUS FUCK.   I swear to fucking God if one of my little fucktard kids eats a Fucking Tide Pod, I will fucking Shit myself!!! In my day it was “Whip Its”, and we turned out just fine. Fuck my face!! Oh, how I miss those days! We weren’t hurting anyone, just getting high off of some fucking Whipped Cream! These Little Fuckwits are just too fucking stupid. WHO EATS FUCKING DETERGENT!!!!!!!!   I tell you what, let’s see what the rage is all about, ok? I’ll give you one thing, they look very tasty, and that fucking weird exterior feels pretty amazing in my hands. Should I lick it? Hmm, you know what? It’s not bad. That…
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