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Divine Advice For Peter Gibbons

Dear DA, I may be old and battered, but I feel as young and spry as a Millennial. About a year ago, I rushed into a burning building to try and save my neighbor. She ended up dying in the hospital after weeks of agony, and the firemen had to rescue me, too. Truth be told, I’m still pretty fucked up. My advice, if you see a burning building, is to run away from it, not toward it. Anyway, they gave me a medal, or participation trophy, for trying, and I can’t help feeling a little conflicted about it. While I still had it on, on the way back to my apartment, a little girl on the sidewalk asked me why I got the medal. I told her I got it for running into a burning building. She asked me if I was a fireman because I looked way too…
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