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Divine Advice For Matt Gaetz

Dear Divine Advice, I tell ya, these days, people really love throwing around the phrase “sex trafficking.” Sure, I like to load my underage prostitutes onto a plane and fly them out of the state, but that’s just so I don’t get caught with them when the feds raid my cabin. Now this David McGee character is trying to extort $25,000 from me, and even Donald Trump is letting me twist in the wind. The whole reason I became a Republican in the first place is so sex scandals wouldn’t matter. I know it’s Easter, and you’re busy coming back from the dead and all that, but if you have a spare moment, I could really use your help with this. Thanks in advance, Matt Gaetz, U.S. representative for Florida’s 1st congressional district Dear Matt, If I had a little more notice, I would have let you be the criminal…
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