A Message to Nazi Sympathizers from The Incredible Hulk

As person monster, Hulk find racism appalling. As monster of color, Hulk personally disgusted. Judge Hulk for Hulk, and judge self for self.

Hulk heart full of regret. World cruel, life hard. But Hulk take responsibility for Hulk.

Nazi Sympathizers lowest, most cowardly form of life. No personal responsibility. No honest with selves. Easier to blame most vulnerable, so do, and fix nothing.

Superman once tell Hulk that even Hulk can be force for good. Hulk still believe individual choice to be good. To try be brave and honest with self. Hulk still believe in beauty of world. Hate not solution.

Hulk quote favorite poet. Say better than Hulk.

The trees bend down along the stream,
Where anchored swings my tiny boat.
The day is one to drowse and dream
And list the thrush’s throttling note.
When music from his bosom bleeds
Among the river’s rustling reeds.

No ripple stirs the placid pool,
When my adventurous line is cast,
A truce to sport, while clear and cool,
The mirrored clouds slide softly past.
The sky gives back a blue divine,
And all the world’s wide wealth is mine.

A pickerel leaps, a bow of light,
The minnows shine from side to side.
The first faint breeze comes up the tide—
I pause with half uplifted oar,
While night drifts down to claim the shore.

— Paul Laurence Dunbar

Hulk apologize for scattered thoughts. Small impulse control. Hulk eat empty bird’s nest. But message still clear. Nazi Sympathizers bad.

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