A Message to Climate Deniers from The Incredible Hulk

A Message to Climate Change Deniers from The Incredible Hulk

Scientific evidence convince Hulk man made climate change real. Hulk no expert, but Hulk separate raging emotion from reason long enough to be objective. Consensus among scientists nearly unanimous. Researchers and methodology sound. Good track record of responsible scientific inquiry. And Hulk once ate scientist, can feel him inside now, helping Hulk think. Banner. Name Banner.

Climate change issue too complex to change mind of denier. Even argument about pollution too complex. Denier will argue manufacturing solar panels, wind turbines, also pollutes, and this true, but mostly one time pollution, and in long run, much less than always fire of gasoline and coal. But too complex, so Hulk go to most simple reality. Gasoline running out. Soon all gasoline all consumed by fire. So alternative necessary if want to preserve semblance of modern life.

Forgive awkward prose, mind of Hulk bewildering, terrifying place. So much problem in world, and many not even admit problem. Sandman no kill Hulk. Abomination no kill Hulk. Human stupidity maybe kill Hulk. But message still clear. Man made climate change real.

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