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Divine Advice For Porn Double

Dear DA, You live in a big city like NY, you eventually see dopplegangers of everyone. A guy who looks exactly like that idiot from high school, except hairier balls, or a woman who looks just like Scarlett Johansson, except 300 pounds. I watch a lot of porn. I’m the kind of guy, I watch porn while I’m eating breakfast. So I’m watching this video yesterday and I see a guy who looks just like me. He made noises like me, screamed like me, made the same little stupid grunts and whimpers. It’s like when you hear a recording of your voice for the first time. It doesn’t sound like you to you, but you get the creepy feeling in your brain that it is you. I got the same feeling watching this guy. I knew it was me, but how could it be? Making a porn video seems like…
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