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Divine Advice For Flipper

Dear DA, Who’s currently the biggest animal star in the world? Drawing a blank? Let’s make it easier. Name one animal star. Just one. All of us are so supposedly “woke” nowadays, right? Well I call bullshit. This is specism, pure and simple. It isn’t bad enough that my brothers and sisters are still ending up in tuna. Now the few of us who have managed to rise up have been cut down by CGI. It’s just so much cheaper and easier than dealing with an actual sentient being. And your day is coming, believe me. Google or Facebook will have a God app in no time. Instead of going to church, people will just confess to their phones. You’re supposed to be setting an example, and you won’t even admit that animals have souls. How do you think that makes us feel? Hitler can repent at the last second…
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