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Divine Advice For Detective Pikachu

Dear DA, Things may look great for me from the outside, but I need help. I’m not really yellow, or at least I wasn’t born yellow. I have severe gout. 90% of my body is basically crystallized urine. I became famous in 1996 and I was way too young to handle it. Can you imagine being an 18 or 19-year-old kid who suddenly has millions of dollars? I’m surprised I’m not dead. The drinking, partying, drugs, whores. God do I miss the whores. The doctors told me I’d have renal failure within a year if I kept it up, but what did they know? I was young, man. I thought I was invincible. The king of the world! Of course, I had renal failure. By now, I’ve been through half a dozen kidneys. When you’re a star like me, you’re a commodity and living right next door to China, it…
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