The Incredible Hulk Discusses Violence

Hulk always big fan of violence. Still am. Hulk see car, building, spider, people, Hulk smash!

People point at car, building, spider, people, and tell Hulk violence bad. At first, Hulk no believe. Violence no smash people, Hulk smash people.

They say maybe if Hulk less violent, less smash!

Hulk think this ridiculous. Hulk mature enough for unlimited violence. Sure, sometimes smash, but violence 2nd amendment Hulk right. Hulk ancestors always violent. Maybe life different 200 years ago, but not so different. Hulk make sure not so different.

But voice in Hulk head start to talk about humans, and Hulk understand analogy.

Voice say Americans not mature enough for unlimited firepower, and maybe same true of Hulk.

So Hulk finally agree. When smash, no longer include pinkie finger in fist.

Voice in Hulk head still mad at Hulk. Hulk still mad at voice. But less mad.

If Hulk can change, and voice can change, everybody can change!

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