The Incredible Hulk Discusses Conspiracy Theories

Year many ago, Hulk first go on Book of Faces. Hulk know conspiracy theory problem. Government ignore, no want legitimize nonsense, underestimate suckers, power social media. Conspiracy theory way think #1 reason Trump president. American way last 60 70 years, ignore problem til too late.

Conspiracy people never admit wrong. No understand legitimate argument evidence, no understand 5th grade math, go on tangent. Willfully ignorant. Also sad, angry, lonely. Hulk know sad, angry, lonely. Conspiracy make conspiracy people feel smart. Get attention. No want look admit dumb. Too invested go back.

Many conspiracy people sub troll. Hulk admit, one conspiracy true. Conspiracy people manipulated for monetize youtube channel. Sub troll true believer. No money for sub troll. But money for youtube channel. Alex Jones. Hulk try less violent, but no Alex Jones. Hulk see Alex Jones, Hulk murder Alex Jones. If caught, say conspiracy, tragedy actor.

Sandy Hook victim, Las Vegas victim, harassed by sub troll. Sub troll sad, angry, lonely, but no excuse. Sub troll use google, facebook, powerful math google facebook algorithm, for find disseminate choice insanity. No see irony.

Flat earther 9/11 truther fluoride truther. See “earther” “truther”, know bullshit. Hulk do brain test, Hulk brain confusing, troubling place. Earth flat, how helpful pretend sphere? 9/11 control demolition, why crash airplane? Easier blow up, blame terrorist, no airplane. Fluoride control mind, why work so bad? Control mind so easy, people sheeple, why conspiracy theorist so bad convince anyone but dumb?

Conspiracy people loud minority. Youtube channel, Alex Jones, deliberate mislead. Make dumb sad angry lonely feel smart special. Sell feel smart.

Government wrong but example right. No point argue. Best ignore. Quiet dumb voice.

No understand world ok. No one understand world. Settle easy dumb answer no ok. Ego no find truth. Attention no find truth. Lazy no find truth. First step Hulk, look inside Hulk. See garbage crazy inside. Fight garbage insane.

Problem world real. Problem government real. Problem inside real. Earther truther way distract. Conspiracy people make own conspiracy. Make world worse. Conspiracy theory have real world consequence. Manipulate weak. Punish victim. Make dumb equal smart. Good for ego conspiracy people, bad for world.

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